XYbrid Game (Preorder—Feb. 2018)

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Be one of the first to own XYbrid: the monster-building transparent card game.

Combine brutal biology, relentless robotics, mind-bending physics and volatile chemistry as you compete to become the most infamous monster-building scientist. The nefarious possibilities are almost endless—the parts in one XYbrid deck can create more than half a billion different monsters. 

Each card is transparent, so building your monster is a creative experience unlike any other game—and because each card has different art on either side, the path to ultimate infamy is always uniquely yours.

Players take turns drawing parts from the Lab and using them to build monsters that will increase their infamy score. Each monster begins with a core part, and is complete when it has a head, two arms, and legs. Secret Breakthrough cards help players formulate strategies and unleash surprises each round—will you go for brute force or cunning combinations?—while Mission effects raise the stakes as the game goes on. After 3 rounds, the most infamous player wins!

Contains 118 cards:
96 Part cards
20 Breakthrough cards
1 Preorder/Kickstarter Exclusive Breakthrough card
1 Concealer card

Rulebook included.

For 2-4 players
Play time: 30 minutes
Ages 13+


Important Notes

Cards and packaging pictured are prototypes. Final product may vary.

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